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Sensuality is appetite for life

VILA believes that femininity is the perfect balance between being frail, graceful and confident. It is a balance, which is expressed in all of our clothes through
little details in styles and fabrics. Those little details make all the difference, both in our clothes and with the people who wear them. Together they make femininity become power in a delicate frame.

VILA believes that sensuality is appetite for life. It is passion for experience, both in spirit and in body, and it should always be reflected in our clothes and in the way we present it. Sensuality is not only expressed through the clothes you wear but also in how you wear it. VILA lets the sensual woman express herself.


VILA believes that fashion is a product of time, place and inspiration. And we believe in being the connection between fashion and personality. This is how fashion becomes more than just fashion – when people wear it. And there is a big difference between wearing it – and just putting it on. It is the same thing with confidence. Fashion is a look for your personality. And fashion is nothing without you.

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VILA CLOTHES was established in 1994. Today we have more than 200 stores and more than 1,900 wholesalecustomers. 200 VILA colleagues work in Denmark.

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